June 15, 2021

Yukon Government has a new public health order in place, which means there is no longer a requirement for fully-vaccinated mine workers to have a working isolation if they are entering the Territory from other Canadian jurisdictions. When ASIP operational plans are submitted they can indicate that their plan only includes the workers that aren’t fully vaccinated.

Here is a link to what is needed for travellers to prove they have been fully vaccinated.

April 22, 2021

Yukon Government has approved the Yukon Chamber of Mines Alternative Self Isolation Plan for Industry. (link to the YG website below)

Mining and quartz exploration guidelines and operating plans: COVID-19

The Guideline is the approved Alternative Self Isolation Plan (ASIP) for Industry and the Operational Plan Template is what Industry Proponents will be required to complete and send to for approval before individuals arrive in the Yukon.

When sending in the completed Template to, include the Operational Guidelines for industry. If you would like to be contacted by phone, include that in the email as well, otherwise Yukon Government will correspond via email. If you have any questions or concerns contact Yukon Chamber of Mines or

Additionally paper copies of the "Operational Guidelines for Exploration and Mining" and "COVID-19 Operational Plan Template for Quartz Exploration and Mining Companies" will be available at the Yukon Chamber of Mines.

On the final page of the COVID-19 OPERATIONAL PLAN TEMPLATE FOR QUARTZ EXPLORATION AND MINING COMPANIES there is a box, see screenshot below:


 This is the formal CRU Approval for any border agent who asks. Prior to any new staff arriving in Yukon, this will have to be filled out and sent to where it will be reviewed and signed. You do not need to send in your full Operational Template every time you update your employee list. The turnaround time for these requests should be 3 business days, however, they are currently reviewing and processing applications for a number of industries, so patience is appreciated, if you do not hear back within 3 days. 

Please find below a PDF version of Page 5 of the COVID-19 OPERATIONAL PLAN TEMPLATE FOR QUARTZ EXPLORATION AND MINING COMPANIES for your convenience:

Page 5 - Operational Plan Template





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